Is Your Fav Makeup Discontinued?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

So after a long search of looking for that lipstick that goes perfect with everything or a foundation that is a perfect match to your skin and you go back to refill and find out that it's been discontinued. Noooooooo (insert violin music here) Trust me I know the feeling since I've been there just like you. I've been one that once I find something I like, I'll purchase extra just in case that happens. Well, not to fear since there are 2 beauty companies that can help bring your favorite makeup back to life.

Giella & Color Lab are 2 cosmetic company that can help with your fav discontinued products. Giella can reproduce your fav foundation, lipstick, nail polish, and more. While Color Lab can make your fav lipstick come back to life. All you have to do is send your item (s) you want to get reproduced and VOILA you have your favorite makeup back in hand like it never disappeared. Prices do vary (price list below) depending on the items plus shipping cost. But ladies and gents if that's truly your fav item that you can't live without, you'll spend what ever it takes to get it in your hands again. Am I right or Am I right? lol

So get your stuff together and get to ordering and tell them Glam 2 Go sent you. *FYI Giselle's Eye M Glam is FAB and a must try. It was created by Kim Kardashian's makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic. $35

Giselle Custom Blend Cosmetics

What products we can match:

Foundation       $48.00
Powder             $38.00
Blush (cream or powder)       $28 for cream/$38.00 for powder
Bronzer             $38.00
Nail polish         $25.00
Lipstick              $28.00
Lip Gloss           $28.00
Eye shadow      $28.00
Lip Pencils         $27.00
Eye Pencils        $27.00
*There is a minimum order of two pieces per color for all discontinued matches.

Colorlab Cosmetics can match the shade of an existing lipstick. Send the lipstick tube to:
     Colorlab Cosmetics/Custom Matching
     1112 Fifth Avenue
     Rockford, Il 61104

Include your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and credit card number with expiration date and CVV number. The price is $35.00 for one tube plus $7.95 shipping or $60.00 for two tubes of the same shade plus $9.95 shipping. 


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