No Smudgee Mascara Shield Giveaway

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I purchased these No Smudgee Mascara Shield a few weeks ago to try them out and purchase some extras to share with my Glammies for a giveaway.
I have 9 available to giveaway (I have 1 to try out) and would love to hear from you ladies your tips & tricks for mascara and what's your fave mascara at this time.
My tip is something I've done for years and entered in a ELF Comsetics beauty tip and won. Ok here it is and hope it helps. When you apply your mascara and have clumps, take a metal (works best) lash separator and add a little bit of eye makeup remover to declump lashes. No more spider legs on your eyes.
My fave mascara at the moment is Benefit's They're Real mascara.
Best of luck Glammies!


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