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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Urban Decay Cosmetics

In September when Urban Decay launched the UD Hearts NYC palette, they held a contest online on Facebook for the best picture from the event at Sephora Time Square (1500 Broadway) launch. The winner would receive the new and improved Urban Decay brush set. There was quite a bit of entries and a lot of good pictures and  I entered a few pictures and never thought of anything, until one day people were sending me congrats on Facebook. I was out running errands w/ the kiddo (my teenage son) and had no idea what people were talking about since they didn't specify what I won. Once I got home realize that I was the winner of the contest. Below is the winning picture. Yay Me!

Once I received the brushes I was super excited to see them! Each are package in a perfect box made out of recycled paper. They are not your normal wood handle makeup brushes. OH NO! They are made of  metal and made with super soft synthetic Taklon, a man-made fiber, so it's cruelty-free. They have some weight to them and are quality made. Overall, they are FANTASTIC brushes that I highly recommend. Thanks Urban Decay!!!!!

Finishing Brush


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