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Monday, August 15, 2011

Hey Glammies!!! I was doing my weekly blog reading and came across Makeup By Ren Ren blog post about   her 10 makeup mistakes. She saw it on youtube and decided to share and I thought this was a great idea since we all start somewhere. After I read Ren Ren's, I started thinking about my learning mistake then I really wanted to share mine.

Here they go.........

1. Apply lashes
I was always scared to try lashes on myself  for some odd reason and then lashes started really coming back into style and I had to learn. Applying lashes on clients is easy for me but sometimes a fight on myself to this day. 
*Easy to apply lashes Kiss Premium Lashes
applying fake lashes

2.  Mascara? 
Yes, you read right no mascara. When I was young (late teens-earlier 20's) I just never thought that I needed mascara and walked about looking blah. Once I really got into makeup and applied my first mascara, I never turned back again. Having short thin lashes I look sick without my mascara. *A few I like Maybelline Volum Express Colossal, L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black, MAC Opulash

3. No Primer?
Yup when I first started I NEVER used primer for face or eyes and then would wonder why my makeup would transfer, crease, or just wear off. Oh and could never wear white. DUH! Now I wouldn't dare to apply anything without primer.*Cover FX, Hourglass, Urban Decay, Lorac

4. What? I have to change my foundation from spring/summer to fall/winter?
I must have never got the memo about changing your foundation from season to season. Enough said.
*Revlon Photo Ready, OCC, Almay Smart Shade

5. What's tight lining?
Since I have baby lashes and again they are thin, I never thought about tightlining. What's tightlining you ask. Well, it when you apply liner on the top inner eyelid to make your eyes look bigger and lashes look thicker. If I don't do this I can see the differences on the look of my lashes. *Stila Kajal Eye Liner, Urban Decay Zero

6. Over concealing that pimple
I've been suffering from adult acne since I was 23 and I thought that adding more concealer and foundation was the best method to hide it.  Now I know that it's the opposite. Less is best! *Lancome Effacernes, Amazing Cosmetics, Eve Pearl

7. Brow fill in
I never saw the reason to fill in my brows until my earlier 20's when I started getting my brows done. I got curious one day and fill them in and have always filled in ever since that day. *Anastasia, NYX    

8. Washing 
I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't always wash my face at night and take my face off. Now, I must have facial wipes, Purity cleanser, and my Clarisonic. *ELF, Purity, Clarisonic

9. I'm scared of that eyelash curler
Scared I was but happy I took that leap to curl those baby lashes. Doing this opens up my eyes and adds volume. *Shu Uemura

10. Contouring 
I always would contour my clients and just never myself until over 5 years ago when I started getting a bit older and face got a bit fuller. Now I'm prego and must contour this face since I'm swelling up. *ELF, MUFE,


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