Relaunch Of Glam 2 Go Blog & Giveaway

Monday, May 6, 2013

Hi Glammies!!
Yes, I'm back and glad to be back. It's been sometime since I've really dedicated time into this blog since having Noelani Stormy and just living a crazy life. And now we just found out that were expecting #3 in December 2013. I promise that it won't stop me from blogging/vlogging. Glammies will be with me with this full pregnancy which I'm excited to share with ya'll. So in celebration of returning I decided to start off with a giveaway.
Look below!!!!

*I wanted to say TY to my hubby since he was the one that was on the computer ordering these lovely lipsticks for his Ma (that's me lol) and my Glammies to enjoy. Thanks G and love you!


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