Father's Day Axe & Dial Body Wash Reviews

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hello Beauty Fans! Since this Sunday is Father’s Day, Lizzie has decided to let me write up a review on some manly man products. In this case, it’s two shower gels made for men- Axe Fever and Dial for Men Magnetic. Now before we begin, let me give you my grooming product review qualifications:

A)   I’m a dude.
B)   I spent enough time around Lizzie that I have gained an appreciation for looking and feeling my best. That includes using various shower gels and specialty soaps (no more Irish Spring bar soap for me!) as well as a myriad of skin care products.
So let’s begin with Axe Fever. I used to use Axe body spray deodorants when they first became popular a few years ago. Back then I was in my early ‘20’s and didn’t know any better. As I got older, my taste in scents matured and I realized there were better products out there. To me Axe was merely for high schoolers, college kids and bros. In the last few years Axe has expanded their product line to include hair products and of course shower gels. However they still aim their products at high schoolers, college kids, and bros. Especially bros. I don’t buy Axe anymore, but Lizzie brought this home to try it out and review and I took her up on it.

Axe Fever comes in a clear bottle which shows off the gel’s eye-catching neon orange color. Fever is a combination of Brazilian hot mud and red dragon fruit extract. Upon opening the bottle, the dragon fruit really stands out and gives the gel a really pleasant scent. Having said that, a hint of that signature Axe scent is still detectable underneath the surface. I’m not sure what that scent is actually made up of, but anyone who has ever smelled an Axe product knows what I’m talking about. Axe also claims that the Fever shower gel has exfoliates, or “fine scrubs”.

In the shower, Fever lathers up pretty well but I did notice that the scent fades a little bit compared to when it’s in the bottle. I was also expecting to really feel those “fine scrubs” exfoliating my skin but actually didn’t feel anything at all. My skin was noticeably softer after the shower, so I’m guessing the gel is a soft exfoliateContrary to what their advertising leaves one to believe, the gel did not leave me smelling great afterward. I didn’t smell like anything.

In the end, I think Axe Fever Shower Gel is a good-smelling gel that leaves you with soft skin and doesn’t dry your skin, although it is not heavily perfumed, so it won’t leave smelling like anything either. This could be a good thing if you don’t want to smell “perfumey” or would rather musk up with cologne or body spray without having your body wash add unwanted notes on your scent. Personally I would not buy this because there are better products on the market, but if you’re a bro who uses Axe, or know a bro who uses Axe, then I’d totally recommend this to you, Bro Montana.

The other shower gel I am reviewing is Dial For Men’s Magnetic which claims to be an attraction enhancing body wash. Now for full disclosure, this is currently the body wash I have in my shower and use on a regular basis. Lizzie bought this for me since we are in the state of domestic bliss where she buys me stuff and I use it. This doesn’t apply to everything, of course, but with certain items I let her do the shopping. It’s worked out so far so I can’t complain.

Now where were we? Oh yeah, Magnetic. Dial claims that this body wash is “pheromone infused” so that it heightens your attractiveness to the opposite sex. When opening the bottle, one notices that this body wash has a very strong, masculine scent. It’s an attention getter and definitely made for men (and bros too) but the scent, while assertive, isn’t necessarily overbearing. In the shower, Dial for Men Magnetic lathers up very well and it’s scent stays strong, permeating the shower with manliness. This particular wash does not exfoliate your skin, but it does rinse cleanly leaving skin fairly soft and fresh without drying. Magnetic does leave a faint scent on the skin after the shower, but the power of attraction from its supposed pheromone infusion is debatable. That said, the scent isn’t too overbearing and goes well with any sort of cologne or body spray you would want to use after the shower.

Overall Dial for Men Magnetic is a very solid body wash that leaves one feeling fresh. It’s great for men who like body washes with strong, masculine scents or for men who aren’t keen on using shower gels and/or loofas. It’s also great for those bros out there. If you’re a man who prefers something with a softer scent to it –and there are days when I do too- Dial may not be the best choice for you.

Well it’s been fun sharing my opinions with you dear readers, and I hope that maybe I helped give you an idea for a Father’s Day gift. Or maybe something to buy your man so that he smells good. Now back to your regular programming.

 -Gabriel Andino 
Twitter: twitter.com/gabeandino
*I wasn't paid for this review and purchased these items myself. 


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