New Year New Me!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hi Glammies! Happy New Year & New Me! Your probably wondering what I'm talking about but hear me out. I've been battling with my weight all my life and now I'm ready to change my life around. My Peanut and I have been together for going on 9 years and we're at a point in our lives that we are ready for the next step, marriage and baby. This next step in our lives is huge and I need to be healthy and ready.

Today is a new day and new me. I will keep you Glammies updated on my progress every month with new pictures and post on twitter and blog. If you want to join me in my quest or you have something you want to change to better yourself then share on here or DM me at

 Thanks for all the support and Let's Make This Our Year!


hair dryers said...

Evry New Year I try to keap the past all good things in me and Add Come with A New Me New Things .... i think this is called evolution

Happy New Year !

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