Review on Temptu Airbrush System

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Basic System
Temptu Airbrush Pod System was released in 2010 and has change many women & men's makeup routine. Airbrush is the rave and with everything being HD, now get professional results in the comfort of your home. Easy to apply with the options of sheer, medium and full coverage. No mixing of colors since everything is in air pods. Foundation, blush, bronzer, and highlights are available and very versatile. Your able to use these colors not only for what they're label for but also as eye shadows, lip color, and contour colors. What's better is clean up is non exist with this system. And no need to be scared when your first trying it out since Temptu has made the formula mistake proof. If you apply to much color in one spot, the color stays wet for up to 1 minute so you can blend in with a brush or fingers.

I have cut my makeup routine in half and have never receive so many complaints on my foundation as I do now. It's also long lasting since the foundation air pod has primer in the formula. I love this system and you'll love it too. Yes, the initial purchase is an investment but there after it's only $55 for foundation that includes 2 air pods that can last around 6 months or longer depending the usage.

Picture above is of the Basic System available on Temptu and Sephora for $225. There is also other packages available. Foundations are 2 in one pack for $55, blush 1 air pod for $30, and highlights for 1 air pod $35. Temptu traditional makeup is also available.

Festively Flawless Gift Set

Our Festively Flawless Gift Set ($330 value) includes:
  • AIRbrush Makeup System
  • Air pod Blush in Sheer Berry
  • Air pod Highlighter in Champagne
  • $50 Gift Credit good on any additional products purchase on - use code FESTIVE50 at checkout.


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