It's Wedding Season! Here Is Some Advice For Booking Your Wedding Beauty Service

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Glammies you're probably tired of hearing (on twitter) me say this but YES, it's wedding season. That being said here is some advice I can give my Glammies bride's to be about your hair and makeup services.

1. As important it is for your reception site, church, and dress, researching and booking for your hair & makeup is as important. Book you services 3 month or up to 1 year in advance. Last minute weddings are harder for us accommodate.
2. Make sure when your looking into your beauty services that you ask questions. Don't be shy. The following are a few examples.

  • Make sure to call and speak to someone and find out more info about the person/business.
  • How much experience do they have?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they sanitize, use disposable items, and clean brushes after each client?
  • What type of skin care, makeup, and or hair products they use?
  • Do they have a contract? I would recommend to only do business with a person/business that has contract to protect you both.
  • Do they travel and how far are they willing to travel? Is there any travel fees and what are they? Parking fees?
  •  Is there extra charges for early starts or for holidays?
  • If you need services (touch ups, change of makeup and or hair) through out the wedding ask about hourly fees or packages.
3. Make sure you pick someone that is qualified and that you and your wedding party will feel comfortable with.
4. Getting a low price is not always the best service. Yes, getting service for $40 sounds great but think of the service/experience you might get and be dealing with.
5. For your trial make sure to bring pictures of styles that you like for your hair/makeup. Make sure to bring pictures that are clear and able to show to the stylist.
6. Bring any accessories such as veil, headpiece, or even hair pieces that you'll be used the day off.
7. On your wedding day you want to look like yourself but a bit better. You want to make sure when you look at your pictures in the future that you don't regret over doing your hair and or makeup.
8. Trials are about trying your wedding look. If you like or don't like something then this is your time to communicate that with your stylist. Again don't be shy, you won't hurt our feelings. Its our job to make sure that were on the same page for your wedding style and to make you look and feel beautiful!.
9. Once you have found the stylist of your dream, make sure to book him/her and sign a contract with them. You'll be able to workout details of start time and location at contract signing or a few weeks before the big day.
10. Ask your stylist about your lip color you have chosen for the wedding since that should be the only thing you'll need to touch up on. We are able to purchase for you or are able to give you the name and brand if you would like to purchase on your own.
11. Brides please don't skip on the gratuity. We worked hard to provide you with the skills and services you have asked from us. The normal going rate is 15-25% of the total of services provided.
12. Have fun! This is the day you've been planning for who knows how long so don't sweat the little things and enjoy!


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