New Essence Blossoms Etc. Toliette

Thursday, June 9, 2011

On my bi-weekly visit to Ulta I came across a display with Essence Blossoms Etc collection. Now let me rewind really quick to that morning. I just had a discussion with the hubby that I needed new perfume and that he had to buy me one. Now, yes I can get demanding at times but he has an IOU from years ago that he hasn't fulfilled. So that being said, when I came across this display I saw that this collection has a fragrance. I got excited and went on a spray rage. lol Thank goodness I like the scent after I was done. The scent is a light floral sweet scent (note list not available) that's perfect for the summer. Cost was only $9.99 but used my Ulta coupon for $3.50 off. Available at Ulta Stores. Hubby is lucky I saved him some money on this trip.


SCARLETT said...

Are you aware that the name "G2G" glam to go is used by a salon In new jersey that has it's own show on the style network Jerseylicious.....

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