Bubble Babez Bath Company Review

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bubble Babez Bath Company is a new company run by two strong and intelligent women, Nikki and Tristan. Nikki is a well known YouTube personality (nikki20six) and fantastic makeup artist. This home-based company was started when Nikki was planning Tristan's birthday party and wanted to do something different for the guest swag bags. She was in between making cupcakes and making soap, so she decided to make soap that smells like cupcakes and that's how Bubble Babez got started. 

I'm all about supporting small business owners like myself and trying new stuff. I decided to try Bubble Babez handmade sample soaps and wanted to do a review of this company and their products. I chose a total of 10 soaps with different scents:

I was super hyped when I saw the envelope and ran straight to my room to open it up and was able to smell the delicious scents outside the package. It was so perfectly packaged with a thank you note, and the smell made my mouth water. I decided to try 2 samples for one week to see the product for what it truly is. 

After trying all my samples, I am very impressed and so excited for this company. You can tell these products are made with such love and dedication. The soaps lather well and the scents do stay on your skin. It's not heavily scented but just perfect and you are still able to wear it as a fragrance. They leave your skin feeling soft and are not drying to the skin. I have eczema and was able to use all of the samples with no problems. 

Overall, I would highly recommend this company and I really see these two strong ladies making it big. Congrats to Nikki and Tristan! Bubble Babez is here to stay! 


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