Mani Tuesday w/ Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Collide-o-Scope

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I know these have been talked about like crazy on blogs, youtube, and chat rooms but I still wanted to share with my Glammies my short review. I have tried a few of these stick on nail polish from Sally Hansen, Incoco, and Avon. From the 3 of those I prefer Sally Hansen & Incoco (available at a mall near you and Walgreens) Above is a picture of Collide-o-Scope right after I applied it. It took me about 10 minutes in total and super easy to apply. I received so many questions about my nails and compliments. 

After 6 days of having these on you can see that there is barely any wear on my nails. I have 2 chips on the tip of my nail on both index fingers and that's it. I normally chip by the 2 day at least with normal polish. Below is another color I have tried and really enjoyed Booty Camp I really like these and highly recommend these. Price range from $7.60-$10.99. A+++

Booty Camp


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