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Friday, March 4, 2011

Glammies, if you follow me on twitter then you have read about my internet being down. If you haven't followed me on twitter then do it now. lol Yes, I haven't been blogging since my internet is down and needs to be fixed. I was told that we have to wait til the weather warms up since our lines are underground. YAY me!

I have so much to show and share and I'm dying not being able to blog all about it. But, I will be taking this as an opportunity to start my videos.  I'm going to start next week and see if I'm ready to share with you my love for makeup, hair, reviews, and hauls.

Thank you Glammies for hanging in there with me and for also helping us reach 1,000 followers on Now, lets make that happen on here (blog), facebook, and now youtube

TY again for your support and let's make this OUR year!

-Lizzie xoxo 


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