Sephora's New Pro Rolling Bag

Monday, November 7, 2011

Pro Rolling Bag
Sephora/Zuca New Rolling Bag
It's it true??? Yes, Sephora lovers rub your eyes again cause you're seeing the picture right! What you're seeing is a Sephora/Zuca rolling bag. Are you surprised as much as I am? I'm guess those train cases were getting a bit bulking and a a hassle to carry after awhile (my opinion). Sephora smarten up and decided to join Zuca to come out with their own roller bag.  Looking a bit similar to the MAC/Zuca bag but without the front buckle.

 The Sephora/Zuca bag comes with a silver frame and black outer bag with white font and 5 nylon inserts to organize and make your life so much easier. This bag is an easy carry on and you don't have to just use it just for makeup. I have used mine for weekend getaways and for shows to carry items and sit on when I need a break. It holds up to 300 pounds and I would recommend if you are going to use it for a seat, get you a cushion. ;) This is an investment and will set you back $285 but if your a VIB (event starting this week by invite only) then you'll be able to use your 20% discount to save a little extra $$$. Make sure to call customer service first and found out more details about ordering with a discount.


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