Review on Zeno Hot Spot Blemish Treament

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I was running errands with my lovely 17 year old son (Mikey) a few weeks ago and was on a search for his fav face lotion. After much search we found out they had discontinued making it. So, on the search and running into Harmon Face Value, I saw the Zeno Hot Spot and was always curious about it. I saw the price @$39.99 and thought "What the hell".  You get 80 usage out of it, comes with 2 AA batteries, and comes in blue and pink. Of course, I chose pink.  

I came home and opened the package which was extremely hard to open up! Once I opened and read instructions, it was time to try it out. ZENO HOT SPOT uses gentle heat to destroy the bacteria that causes acne. It's as simple as this:

  • Step 1: Press the Power Button. The power indicator will light up and you will hear a tone to signal the treatment has started.
  • Step 2: Place and hold the treatment tip on your blemish for the 2 ½ minute treatment cycle. You will hear a single beep every 30 seconds.
  • Step 3: Remove ZENO HOT SPOT from the blemish when you hear a multi-tone sound, indicating the treatment is over.
  • More blemishes? Repeat as necessary!

I used it on a few spots I had some situations (pimples) going on. Now, you feel some heat coming from it but I didn't find it uncomfortable. My son and my BF on the other hand didn't like the heat and felt it was too hot. After I was done, I went about my business and at the end of the day I did notice my pimples had gone down. Any redness I had was gone. I was pretty impressed with just one use. Now the next day I used it twice in a day and my situations (pimples) were gone but the next day. Wow, this really works and Lord knows I have tried anything and everything out there dealing with adult acne.

Zeno claims this below.

  •  90% of blemishes disappeared or faded within 24 hours.
  •  96% of blemishes disappeared or faded within 48 hours.
  •  84% of blemishes disappeared or faded with only two treatments.

After testing it for 2 weeks I have to say that this product is pretty amazing! I have everyone at home using it and I highly recommend it. Try it and and see if it works for you. :)

Zeno Hot Spot Blemish Treatment

*I wasn't paid for this review and purchased these items myself. 


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