NEWS! Model For Eve Pearl Women Of Color Event

Monday, July 5, 2010

I was doing my usual web search and looking at stuff online today and came across a status update on facebook. Now this wasn't your normal "Oh I'm having a case of the Mondays" status. This is the Emmy winning Eve Pearl and her team looking for women of color models for an event next week. So, I thought "Oh what the hell"! I meet her at The Makeup Show in May 2010. She is a lovely and sweet person and I got to hold her Emmy. (Picture Below)

I got the info and sent this picture and another from the show and went about my work on the computer. I was hoping they would contact me but I wasn't holding my breather since "I''m no model". Let's me real! lol But to my surprise and excitemen,t they contacted me and chose me. ME!? I will be going into NYC sometime next week and will take as many pictures as I can with Eve Pearl and everyone else and will blog everything about it. I'm so excited! (kid in candy store) 


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